The purpose of Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative (AASPI) is to reduce suicide in Asian American communities in Illinois by education, training, advocacy, and research initiatives.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AASPI Featured on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio (click here for story)

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Below is the link to the AASPI story that aired on NPR today.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Social Services Town Hall Meeting Oct 30, 2007

The City of Naperville and the Naperville Police Department

Social Services Town Hall Meeting

October 30, 2007
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
The Naperville Municipal Center Council Chambers
400 S. Eagle Street

Participating Agencies: Naperville Police Department Social Service
Family Shelter Service
NCO Youth & Family Services
DuPage County Health Department
DuPage County Crisis & Access Unit
DuPage County Senior Services
Parivar International
Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative

Learn strategies and resources for a variety of family, social, mental
health, adolescent, and cultural stressors through an open forum from
local experts and providers in the social service field. Topics to be

Suicide Prevention
Domestic Violence Awareness
Cultural Adjustment for Immigrant Populations
Victim Assistance
Crisis Intervention
Senior Services
Dealing with Adolescent Issues
Coping with Holiday Stress
General Mental Health concerns

Agencies will have informational brochures available.

All members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend.
For more information, contact Commander Ken Parcel at (630) 305-5485,
or visit our Web site at www.naperville.il.us/sstownhall.aspx.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Naperville Community Forum Oct 30

Dear AASPI Friends:


Town Hall Meeting on Family Stress

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Naperville Police Department

Naperville, Illinois

AASPI is one of several agencies working with the Naperville Police Department to plan its first Town Hall Meeting/Seminar to address stress factors and the long-term effects of stress in families. Although the seminar is intended for all audiences, it is also an opportunity to spread AASPI’s grassroots efforts in the Western suburbs.

The purpose of the seminar is to make people aware of the local resources available to help families cope with stress, and to answer audience questions. AASPI will be one of 9 agencies featured at the seminar. Naperville has a large Asian American population, and we hope that this seminar will be the start of a sustained, collaborative effort at the community level to meet the needs of Asian American families in the Western suburbs.

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For information contact aaspichicago@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

AASPI Letter to Daily Herald regarding Tiwari family

Below is a letter to the editor of the Daily Herald which was submitted by AASPI in response to the stories published about the sad death of Ms Tiwari.

To The Daily Herald

Email: dpfencepost@dailyherald.com

August 18, 2007

Dear Editor,

We were deeply saddened by the death of Nimisha Tiwari and her children and extend our sympathies to the Tiwari family and Nimisha’s parents. When lives suddenly end as a result of suicide, there are many questions left unanswered. While we appreciate the need for media to report newsworthy stories, responsible reporting is important in these sensitive situations. Your articles from August 12 through August 17 provided many sensational details of the suicide and the circumstances surrounding the Tiwaris’marriage, which we find unsettling.

Mental health professionals have urged the media to practice responsible journalism in reporting suicides. The media can help by educating readers about the likely causes of suicide, its warning signs, and treatment resources. At the same time, psychologists have found that there is an increased risk of suicide contagion if incidents are glorified or sensationalized. Including details about the method of a suicide, signaling suicide in the headline, printing photos of a suicide victim, and engaging in repetitive reporting may encourage readers who are at risk to act on suicidal thoughts.

The Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative (AASPI) is a growing coalition of consumers, health care providers, and researchers addressing suicide in Asian Americans. We urge The Daily Herald to focus on the facts and to stress that while there is no simple explanation for suicides, the mental health issues that underlie many suicides are treatable. Mistrust of mental health services, cultural stigma, and the lack of linguistically appropriate and culturally competent services prevent many Asian families from accessing mental health care when they need it, contributing further to the prevalence of these problems. As a community, we can best serve those whose mental well-being is impaired by empowering them to seek help and helping them access services that they deserve to have.


Grace Chan, M.A., Former Associate Dean of Students, University of Chicago

Aruna Jha, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, UIC

Soo Na, M.S.W., Program Manager, Asian Health Coalition of Illinois

Joanna Su, M.S.W., Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative Board Member

Suresh Unni, LC.S.W., Ph.D. candidate, Loyola University of Chicago

On behalf of The Board of Directors, Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative

To reach AASPI, please contact Aruna Jha at arunajha@uic.edu or to aaspichicago@gmail.com